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Arkaik presents his Stunning Debut LP 'Fate Determined' . All track are presented as one long piece of music mixed together on the vinyl. This is the Vinyl version of the LP . The cover is UV spot Varnished. Once purchased a download link will be made availabe for the digital downloads of the tracks.

Arkaik 'Fate Determined' LP

  • Standard Shipping to UK and Europe

    Worldwide shipping available. Due to the corona virus pandemic there may be delays in international delivery.

  • Arkaik Presents his Debut Lp on Flexout Audio, Here at Goebel Graphics we designed the cover and artwork for the project so are proud to be able to release this in our store.  Write up below

    "A vinyl release on Flexout is a rare being, but then again, it’s not every day that we’re blessed with an Arkaik album. His latest venture on the London-based minimal label is called Fate Determined, a deeply personal creation inspired by stories from his time in China and his return home. Culminating the experiences of your life into a coherent body of work isn’t an easy achievement, but with this ten tracker, he’s created an organic, highly conceptual piece of music that flows and tells a story. Across the album he collaborates with some serious talent such as Coma, Ray Uptown, Skylark and Creatures, many of whom are not just fellow artists, but long-term friends.

    Inspired by everything from his time spent handcuffed to a chair in a Chinese police station to everyone’s shared confusion over the Covid-19 pandemic, Arkaik clearly doesn’t find it difficult to come up with inventive ways to make music! Since his emergence over ten years ago, he has carefully sculpted his craft, and is now synonymous with the stripped-back sound that he presents with this album. His drum work is clean and razor-sharp, which he counters with raw, murky sub basslines which often provide an ominous bite. This sound has found him success on a host of labels including Dispatch, Diffrent and Proximity, but to release this project on Flexout who have solidified their place at the forefront of the genre’s reinvention and done so with astonishing consistency, makes for the perfect match.

    Album highlights come from the eerily beautiful, explorative sounds of ‘The Chair’ as well as ‘RD2101’ a stepper which ventures into subterranean depths. ‘Radiator Funk’ uses some creative sampling to create a clunky slice of tech, while ‘It’s Raining in my Mind’ adds a different flavour, a soothing roller that still packs a powerful kick. The best of the bunch however is ‘Can’t Stop,’ a track with pulsating energy that drives forward with electrifying rhythm.

    Bold, punchy and futuristic, Arkaik twists and mutates his minimalist funk into a compelling full length project, perfectly showcasing his talent for sound design and innovative composition!"


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